Writing the Proposal: How to Finish and Sell Your Nonfiction Book (REPLAY)

A follow-up presentation to The Three Essential Questions Every Agent Hopes Your Book Proposal Answers*, this webinar takes a deeper dive into four specific areas of the nonfiction book proposal and explores how these areas can help writers finish—and prepare to sell—their manuscripts.

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If you’re seeking traditional publication, you’ll eventually need to write a book proposal.

While most new writers shouldn’t consider a book proposal prior to writing their book’s first draft, there comes a point in the writing process when working on a proposal draft can help you understand your book and prepare for the querying process. Knowing when to do this—and, more important, how to capitalize on a few key sections—can help you home in on your book’s true message, make sure your author platform is as ready for the querying process as your book is, and serve as the rallying cry for completing your manuscript. During this 75-minute webinar, we’ll explore the sections of the book proposal to work on while drafting your book, which ones to avoid, and how to use the process to build motivation and momentum for your project.

In this webinar, you will:

  • LEARN which stage in the book-writing process is optimal for starting to draft a book proposal
  • IDENTIFY which sections can motivate you to keep going and which ones to delay working on, especially if you’re writing a memoir
  • DISCOVER strategies that will help you use these sections to support your creative process while building a strong proof of concept for your book
  • EXPLORE ways to create an author platform that supports your understanding of your project rather than serving as a distraction from the work you really want to do

This webinar is ideal for

  • mid-stage memoirists, narrative nonfiction, and traditional nonfiction writers seeking traditional publication who have decided to complete their manuscripts prior to querying agents
  • writers looking for a shame-free way to assess their author platform and then strengthen it
  • writers working on their first book

All supplemental materials will be provided.

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I enjoyed reading other peoples work and getting feedback about my own work– the handouts/video links and class lessons were also very informative and relevantly paced to the give structural guidelines.

Catherine O’Neill