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Danielle Ofri, MD, PhD

Medical Error: The Untold Story in Medicine
presented in partnership with the Andrew Carnegie Free Library & Music Hall

Thursday, April 2nd  |  7 pm  | ONLINE via GoToWebinar

A recipient of the McGovern Award from the American Medical Writers Association for “preeminent contributions to medical communication” and a TED talk speaker and Moth Story Hour contributor, Dr. Danielle Ofri is a pro at creating a bridge between doctors and the general public. Indeed, she wrote the book on it, with What Patients Say, What Doctors Hear. Her latest publication, When We Do Harm: A Doctor Confronts Medical Error, continues that trend, pairing lively interviews and profoundly human stories with the latest research. Medical science has made enormous strides in decreasing mortality and suffering, but there’s no doubt that treatment can also cause harm. Danielle Ofri places the issues of medical error and patient safety front and center in our national healthcare conversation.


Q & A with Danielle Ofri: A moderated discussion about writing

Friday, April 3rd  |  10 am  | ONLINE ONLY

Join Dr. Danielle Ofri, author of When We Do Harm: A Doctor Confronts Medical Error, in an intimate setting to explore the use of narrative in her work.


Danielle Ofri, MD, PhD is an internist at Bellevue Hospital and is a clinical professor of medicine at NYU School of Medicine. She is the author of six books, the newest of which is When We Do Harm: A Doctor Confronts Medical Error. Ofri writes regularly for the New York Times, the Lancet, the New England Journal of Medicine, and Slate Magazine, and her writings have been selected for Best American Essays and Best American Science Writing.



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