Issue 11 / 1998


11 / A View From The Divide

Science meets prose

This special double issue demonstrates the many ways in which aspects of the scientific world—from biology, medicine, physics, and astronomy—can be captured and dramatized for a humanities-oriented readership. In the tradition of Lewis Thomas, Stephen J. Gould, and Oliver Sachs, this powerful collection of essays captures an eclectic range of ideas combining literary style and intellectual substance.

“A View from the Divide” includes essays written by poets, immunologists and physicists, established writers and up-and-coming new talent, including the winner of the Bayer Creative Science Writing Award for the best original essay about science, Alison Hawthorne Deming. In one essay, a writer threatened by blindness discovers the power of pursuing a normal life through Beethoven’s “Fantasia.” There is a discourse on the value of meteorites, a personal account of living with migraine headaches, an inside look at the fury of a hurricane, an essay by a successful attorney living with schizophrenia, and a meditation from a construction worker on the psychological intersection between fear and work.

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