Issue 10 / 1998


10 / Style and Substance

The true potential of creative nonfiction

The essays in this issue are strong examples of how writers can blend style and substance, while using a personal voice. In “Memoir? Fiction? Where’s the Line?” Mimi Schwartz confronts challenges and conflicts in writing memoir in an intelligent and analytic way. Through use of dialogue in “Snakebite,” Connie Wieneke addresses the writer’s difficult and frustrating search for accuracy and truth. “Love, War and Deer Hunting,” by John Hales provides a compendium of fascinating information about a variety of subjects with spiritual and intellectual insight—weaved in a story with dramatic intensity. “The Five Glorious Mysteries” by Genevieve Cotter is exhilarating, eerie, personal—and true. The essays in this issue demonstrate the true potential of creative nonfiction.

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