Special Programs

The Writing Pittsburgh Series

The Writing Pittsburgh series is an in-depth exploration of the region's charms, advantages, opportunities, character, and characters—not to mention its warts and idiosyncrasies—for an international audience of readers.

The three projects!

1. Book Prize. The first book in the series will be a single-author work of creative nonfiction with a significant connection to contemporary Pittsburgh. A winner will be announced soon! 

2. Technology. The second book will focus on the region’s scientific, medical, and technology communities and the revolutionary organizations that have helped transform our region. More details and information will be available soon.

3. Neighborhoods. In 2015, we launched the Neighborhoods project as a part of the Writing Pittsburgh series. Covering neighborhoods from East Hills to Downtown and the South Side Slopes to Polish Hill—writers participated in a day-long workshop. Learn more about the Neighborhoods project here.

More information: 
Neighborhoods Finalist | Writing Pittsburgh Fellowship | The Advisory Board