Issue 76 / Winter 2022

76 / Exploring an Expanding Genre

The evolution of creative nonfiction

In this, the newly redesigned issue of Creative Nonfiction, we explore the deep roots of the genre, as far back as the late 1600s, and celebrate the spirit of rebellion that’s always infused it. And we consider where we are now—as writers and citizens, as artists and human beings—at this moment that feels pivotal for so many.  

Plus, new essays about the limitations of identity labels; what we can (and can’t) learn from dinosaur tracks; how to reintegrate after two military tours overseas; the challenges of translation; and how to approach a sibling who’s taken a deep dive into conspiracy theories.


Valerie Boyd, Margaret Kimball, Bret Lott, Marisa L. Manuel, Brenda Miller, Clinton Crockett Peters, and others.

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