Issue 27 / 2005


27 / Writing It Short

True stories, well told, in 750 words or less

This issue features highlights from the online journal Brevity, which challenges writers to do their best in fewer than 750 words. Writers including Robin Hemley, David Shields, Brian Doyle, and Brenda Miller tackle (briefly) topics like moth-collecting, gun shows, green plastic buckets, and much, much more. The “Best of Brevity” is anchored on both sides by some terrific new writing by prestigious and highly respected writers, beginning with “New Century,” by Natalie Goldberg—poet, novelist, essayist and author of the impressive and popular Writing Down the Bones. “Money for Nothing,” by Kevin Holdsworth, is a meditation on risk-taking. “The Slashpile Inventory,” by David Oates, tells the story of a summer spent splitting rails out West and trying to make money. In “Rock Hounds,” David Rompf traces a lifelong obsession with rock collecting. “Going, Going, Gone,” by Floyd Skloot, combines the themes of the Dodgers, Brooklyn, moving, playing baseball, writing, and growing up.

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