Issue 20 / 2003


20 / Clarity

Looking back to move forward

This issue features writers searching for clarity in their lives—and the rest of the world—as they struggle to make social and personal changes. “Clarity” includes ten essays by authors taking similarly reflective looks at their lives.

In the lead essay, “Shunned,” Meredith Hall shares the painful rejection by her hometown—rejection triggered by teen pregnancy. In “Rachel At Work: Enclosed a Mother’s Report,” a special assignment funded by the Bayer Corporation, Jane Bernstein seeks a clear vision for the future of her developmentally disabled daughter—and for herself as the responsible adult and mother. In “Nerve Endings,” Lucinda Rosenfeld wants to understand symptoms of paralysis that have suddenly affected her. In “Bibliophilia,” Laurie Graham, a former senior editor at Scribner’s, relives the life and energy provided by all her treasured books, lost in a devastating house fire. Jana Richman finds clarity in the wind and the roar of the motorcycle.

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