Issue 15 / 2000


15 / Lessons In Persuasion: Writers with Pittsburgh Roots

A Steel City reunion

Although Pittsburgh is not the subject of most of the essays in this issue, the writers are bound by their affinity for the written word and their collective fondness for the city. Pittsburgh has always been—despite its industrial reputation—a great city in which to be a writer. Lee Gutkind has assembled a reunion of sorts with writers from across the nation, as well as the up-and-coming stars on the local scene—each of whom has a Pittsburgh connection. The resulting collection of essays is both gentle and jarring, eclectic and persuasive, covering a range of topics—from a stripper’s work ethic to West Virginia’s famed Matewan shootout, Atlantic City’s Boardwalk before Donald Trump, and the uses of poetry to better understand one’s own life.

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