"In a world of celebrities and fiction, fantasy and virtual reality, the world needs some creative nonfiction. In fact it needs a lot!" –Samir Husni, Mr. Magazine

Science & Religion

Issue #65, Fall 2017

Creative Nonfiction #65 is dedicated to discovering unexplored harmonies between science and religion. Whether considering the spiritual potential of Google search, talking to high school biology teachers in central Pennsylvania, studying the Mormon cosmos, or forging a career path that passes through both the seminary and the science lab, the writers in this issue seek a nuanced view of the world that demands both wisdom and wonder.

Plus, an encounter with Marilynne Robinson; the challenges of writing about religious experience without using the word God; a survey of spiritual writing, from St. Augustine to St. Joan (Didion); tiny truths; and more.

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What's the Story #65 Lee Gutkind

The intersections of these two ways of understanding the world are rarely examined—and when they are, the primary narrative is one of conflict. read more

Contagious Empathy Sherrie Flick

Looking up from our screens and going for a walk may be our salvation. Sherrie Flick explores how movement can inspire creativity and connection. read more

Online Reading

The Braided Essay as Social Justice Action

Nicole Walker

The braided essay may be the perfect form for our times more

Something Like Vertigo

Elizabeth Rush

A father's loss of balance destabilizes a whole family more


Show Me All Your Scars

Edited by Lee Gutkind

Addressing bipolar disorder, OCD, trichotillomania, self-harm, PTSD, and other diagnoses, these original true stories vividly depict the difficulties and sorrows--and sometimes, too, the unexpected and surprising rewards--of living with mental illness. more


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