Fascinating… honest… and hopeful

Proof that others have found progress and recovery in mental illness is important. Proof that someone else struggled and found hope: That’s huge.

In Same Time Next Week: True Stories of Working Through Mental Illness, patients as well as mental health clinicians write about their own experiences in a collection of well crafted essays. Editor Lee Gutkind — founder and editor of the journal Creative Nonfiction, editor of more than twenty-five books, and a rather formidable presence in the nonfiction world — has done wonderful work gathering and editing these pieces. Although each is written by a different person, the book as a whole flows beautifully.

[…] As a mental health consumer, I found this collection fascinating, and was able to relate to most of the essays. It is honest, and it is hopeful: two things we need when we read about severe mental illness. That the writers are talented makes it an especially worthwhile read.