Creative Nonfiction’s redesign, issue 38 of the new era

Gone are the boring litmag conventions of old. Now here are some nice design decisions, excerpts from their Tiny Truths daily #cnftweet contest on Twitter, bits of things that connect to bigger bits on their website, a bunch of non-essay stuff such as interviews with Dave Eggers, columns from Phillip Lopate, and a chunk of the now-everywhere (even the Colbert Report) David Shields' Reality Hunger. There's also their new section, "Pushing the Boundaries," in which they apparently plan to feature nonfiction that "pushes the boundaries." […] This redesign and rethink of the magazine seems to me to be a mostly successful outgrowth of what CNF and the Gutkind editing and textbooking empire has been doing for quite a while, which is to be more expansive, pretty, commercial, and more (one hopes) relevant. I have to admit that I do feel obliged to keep up on what's going on with CNF, because the magazine is certainly part of the conversation in nonfiction. – Ander Monson