Master Classes

Friday attendees will have one small-group class and one large-group class. Registrants will receive a survey in March asking them for their class preferences. 


Large-group classes (up to 35 people)

Structure for Longform Nonfiction [THIS CLASS IS CURRENTLY FULL]

Whether you’re writing a memoir, a journalistic book, or a longform essay or article, this class will explore options for structure in longer works. // Instructor: Lee Gutkind

What should I write about?

A great piece of writing begins with a great idea; learn how to find the perfect subject for your next writing project. // Instructor: Dinty W. Moore

Writing Scene by Scene

The scene is the essential building block of narrative nonfiction; learn how to write vivid and compelling scenes and use them to tell your true story. // Instructor: Neil White


Small group classes (up to 15 people)

Beyond the “Me” in Memoir [THIS CLASS IS CURRENTLY FULL]

Truly successful memoirs go beyond a recounting of a personal story to touch on larger themes and ideas that will appeal to a broad audience. In this class writers will learn how to identify the larger themes in their writing, and incorporate those ideas into their memoir. // Instructor: Lise Funderburg

Finding Your Story's Shape [THIS CLASS IS CURRENTLY FULL]

As beginning writers, most of us start out by learning how to tell stories chronologically. But there are many more structural possibilities that can help you tell your story in a unique way. Make your essay stand out by learning how to apply new forms to your narrative. // Instructor: Kevin Haworth

Flash Essays & the Art of Metaphor

We all recognize the precision and poignancy of metaphors. As writers, how can we start recognizing potential metaphors in both our working drafts and our everyday lives, and distill them down to best serve our short narratives and flash essays? // Instructor: Marc Nieson

 Interview Techniques

Learn how to conduct an interview, or series of interviews, that will provide the basis for an engaging piece of nonfiction. Whether you're writing a profile, article, or book this class will provide guidance in using interviews in your writing. // Instructor: Maggie Messitt

Pitch-Writing Boot Camp

Whether you're interested in writing for a magazine, website, or newspaper, the first step for many publications is creating a an intriguing pitch to explain your idea. This course will guide participants through the steps in crafting an effective pitch that will catch an editor's eye. // Instructor: Shannon Reed

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