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I’ve registered for the yearlong track. Now what?

Enrolling in a Pathway means you are automatically enrolled for specific Winter, Spring, and Fall term courses.

Two days before each term begins: You will receive an invitation with instructions on how to log into your course in Wet Ink, our online platform. At this time, you can become familiar with the classroom, read your instructor’s announcements, set your avatar, and meet with others on the Community Page. On the first day of class, you’ll receive a welcome announcement from your instructor and access to week one’s materials.

In early May, we will email you a unique code so you can enroll in the Summer term course of your choice. Unlike the Winter, Spring, and Fall terms, you will need to enroll in your summer class through the Creative Nonfiction website. You will receive an invitation to your course two days before it begins.

After each course closes: You will receive a zip file of your content from the class. You’ll also continue to be a member of our Creative Nonfiction Writing Classes’ Community Page. With this membership, you will be able to share writings and calls for submissions, recommend books, and stay connected to other writers. You can decide how frequently you want to receive notifications by changing the settings in your Wet Ink profile.

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