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Unique opportunities to connect with a passionate group of regional and visiting writers while exploring specific aspects of craft and gaining skills and strategies you need to succeed. Our experienced instructors and professionals can help you set goals, try out new techniques, receive feedback, and find motivation for your writing.

Take your writing to the next level at the Creative Nonfiction Foundation's office, located in the arts-centered Garfield/Bloomfield neighborhood of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Workshops are open to writers at all levels and new workshops are announced regularly, so check back often or sign up for our newsletter.

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May 25th, 2019
Crafting the Lyric Essay
On-site seminar and workshop

Join essayist Randon Billings Noble for an in-depth exploration of the lyric essay. What makes an essay “lyric”? What are the benefits of using imagery and intuition, rather than narrative and exposition, to explore a line of thought? In this workshop, we will discuss the possibilities and pleasures of the lyric essay.
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June 8th, 2019
Object as Subject
Writing inspired by what you hold
On-site seminar and workshop

If your house were on fire and your loved ones were safe, you’d hastily spend a minute grabbing some random sentimental objects on your way out the door. All of us feel deep connections to some of the plainest objects in our lives: vinyl records, works of art, shoes, chairs, and so on. The image of these daily or popular items is often considered fodder for poetry, but it can also be a rich source of inspiration in prose. Creative nonfiction doesn’t have to be limited only to things that happen; it can also be about a thing you hold in your hand. An object is a great subject!
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June 22nd, 2019
Creative Nonfiction Crash Course
Everything you need to know to start writing your true story
On-site seminar 

If novels are fiction and poems are, well, poetry, then what are memoirs? What about essays, narrative journalism, and so many of the true stories that we love? From books to magazine articles to podcasts, creative nonfiction stories surround us.This seminar and workshop will introduce you to the history of the genre and show you how to use the building blocks of creative nonfiction—including scene, character, dialogue, and reflection—to write your own true stories. 
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June 29th & July 6th, 2019
Audio Essay Boot Camp
Multi-week on-site seminar and workshop

In this two-part, hands-on workshop led by Erin Anderson, you’ll explore this burgeoning medium and learn how to bring new life to your writing. In the first workshop, we’ll use focused listening exercises to discuss techniques used on podcasts like UnFictional and This American Life, including approaches to style, structure, performance, sound design, and scoring. You’ll use the week between workshops to produce your own recordings, then return for a hands-on lesson in audio editing basics, when you’ll also learn to cut and layer your narration with music and effects.
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All workshops are hosted in-person at the Creative Nonfiction Foundation’s office, located at 5119 Coral Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15224. Please enter your preferred contact email address and phone number at checkout as there may be some necessary communication in the weeks leading up to the workshop.

Questions? Please contact our director of education, Sharla Yates, at yates@creativenonfiction.org. You can also review our cancellation and refund policies here.

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