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Organic Whimsy

An interview with Aimee Manion
"Life is whimsical in the way that it’s always fluctuating and flowing, and this constant motion of molecules is one of the main ideas I’m trying to explore."

True Story isn't "new" any more!

Our monthly mini-magazine is rounding into its third year more

The Dark Month

A father tries to let go of memories from deployments in Afghanistan

We’re Naked Underneath Our Clothes

A creative writing professor finds strength in allowing vulnerability in the classroom

Wanted: Home-related Tweets

We're looking for tiny truths (via Twitter) that talk about Home. more

A Priest Walks into a Bar

The case for including more humor in addiction memoirs

The Magical Marketing Trifecta

Perfect your author website, email newsletter & social network with Jane Friedman more

The Lesson

Mother-daughter day-drinking