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Creative Nonfiction #63 // Spring 2017
"How We Teach"

In the classroom, the kitchen, a rehab center, the dentist's office, overseas, and everywhere


Our spring issue, Creative Nonfiction #63: “How We Teach,” reaches far beyond the traditional classroom. Contributors travel to the kitchen, to rehab centers, to the dentist’s office, and as far as Saudi Arabia in these stories about making a meaningful impact.

Plus, immersion artist Ted Conover on the importance of talking with people on the other side of the political divide; Sheryl St. Germain’s argument for broadening the scope of the creative writing MFA; teaching writing in twenty minutes a day; tiny truths; and more.


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Meredith Crandell // Margaret Downey // Jessica Lahey // David MacWilliams // Matthew Mercier // Ellen Michaelson // Joanne B. Mulcahy // Nikki Schulak // Sheryl St. Germain // Rachel Toliver // Deb Werrlein // Cecilia Woloch


  • "Diving Deep"
    Serial immersionist Ted Conover shares lessons from more than thirty years of participatory journalism
  • "The Ink that Binds"
    Could requiring community service help creative writing MFA programs become less elitist?

Quotes from the Issue

There’s something about focusing on the basics that can inspire innovation and transformation.
- Lee Gutkind

What better way to inspire young minds—the majority of whom will not grow up to be professional writers—than by allowing them space to experiment outside the normal pressures of the school day.
- Matthew Mercier

Teaching broadened me. It keeps me in conversation with life in a good way. I’m not sure that a writer alone in a cabin in the woods is the best model for our new century.
- Ted Conover