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Creative Nonfiction #73 // Fall 2020

The self in the world.


This issue celebrates stories of the self in the world. Writers find (or, at least, try to find) meaning in familiar as well as unimaginable moments—the loves, losses, and joys that define our lives.

Also in this issue: the seductive dangers of self-mythologizing, the memoir-in-pieces, tiny truths, and more.

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Rachel Beanland  //  Will Bridges  //  Jill Deasy  //  Megan Doney  //  Mary Beth Ellis  //  Lee Gutkind  //  Beth Kephart  //  Abby Mims  //  Anna Monardo  //  Gabe Montesanti  //  Will Storr  //  Jerald Walker



Memoirists must think long and hard about the stories they write and the people their stories might affect—not just to safeguard characters, but also to protect themselves.
- Lee Gutkind

The beliefs we'll fight to defend are the ones which we've formed our identity, values, and theory of control around. An attack on these ideas is an attack on the very structure of reality as we experience it.
- Will Storr 

What if we allow our writing to reflect the fragmented nature of life itself? What if we decide that the whole is not just bigger than the parts, but also that it may be more finally true for having been assembled in pieces?
- Beth Kephart