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Creative Nonfiction #66 // Spring 2018
"Dangerous Creations"
Real-life Frankenstein stories.


This issue is devoted to stories about the intersections of technological innovation and the human condition. Writers consider prenatal surgeries, lifesaving medical interventions, and the limitations of science and medicine, wondering what it means, in the modern era, to be a monster. 

Plus, Heather Sellers on writing through dark places; how technology is changing the way we think; Jenny Boully on beginnings and endings; tiny truths; and more.

This issue is part of the Frankenstein Bicentennial Project.


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Jenny Boully // Kelly Hedglin Bowen // Pat Falk // Elizabeth Fortescue // Lee Gutkind // Jennifer R. Hubbard // Paulette Kamenecka // Karin Killian // Laura Laing // Randon Billings Noble // Susan Bruns Rowe // Margaret Wardlaw // Jamie Zvirzdin


Quotes from the Issue

Real life can be as scary as any monster story.
- Lee Gutkind

The digital era brings joy and wonder as well as loss and dread.
- Jennifer R. Hubbard 

If I was going to ask my reader to walk through dark places with me, what would be rewarding for her in that difficult journey?
- Susan Bruns Rowe

Striking the balance between brutal honesty and graceful empathy is a dance between distance and intimacy.
- Laura Laing